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Jubilee Ministry evolving as we embrace collaboration

April 13, 2011

No question about it, Jubilee Ministry is changing.

As resources become tighter and demands grow greater, the church is doing everything in its power to make every dollar spent and every hour invested go farther and accomplish more. That’s true whether the investment is in administration, technology, education, liturgical resources, advocacy or outreach.

One of the ways the church-affiliated ministries that deal with domestic poverty are responding is to collaborate however and whenever we can. You saw it last year when Jubilee Ministry partnered with National Episcopal Health Ministries and Episcopal Community Services in Americato sponsor “Called to Serve: The Episcopal Church Responds to Domestic Poverty” conference in Newark. You saw it again in this past grant funding cycle when some of the Jubilee Ministry grants targeted particular summer programs and the church wide Green Faith collaboration initiative. Jubilee Ministry has partnered with our Office of Native American Ministries to offerAsset Based Community Development workshops and White Bison training.

But in truth, networking with other organizations to promote justice is just one of the nine functions of Jubilee Ministry for which we were created.

You’re going to see more and more of this in the future. One very exciting project you’ll hear more about in coming months involves “Asset Mapping.” That’s an effort to count and assess all the outreach ministries that our various Episcopal-affiliated agencies, ministries and congregations are involved in. We know Episcopalians are doing a lot good things. Sometimes they do them under the banner of Jubilee Ministry. Sometimes they do them under the banner of Episcopal Community Services in America or National Episcopal Health Ministries. Sometimes under the banner of Episcopal Relief and Development or the United Thank Offering. Likewise, we do our advocacy under banners such as the Episcopal Public Policy Network or the Episcopal Network for Economic Justice. And almost always, our ministry happens under a banner of congregational outreach. Truth is, we have lots of banners out there.

It’s a massive task, but we’re going to try to answer important capacity questions about what services are being delivered and where, by whom, to whom, and how many Episcopal outreach dollars and Episcopal volunteer hours are being expended in the process. And in the process, we hope to be better able to direct time, energy and resources to areas of greatest need in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

And you – as Diocesan Jubilee Officers, as Jubilee Ministry leaders and volunteers, and church officers – will be a part of this project. Stay tuned.

Blessings to all of you,
Chris Johnson,

Social and Economic Justice Officer

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