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2011-12 Jubilee Ministry grants applications announced

August 2, 2011

Dear Jubilee Ministries, Diocesan Jubilee Officers and Bishops.

The Office of Social and Economic Justice is pleased to announce Jubilee Ministry grant funding opportunities for the remainder of this year and the first half of 2012.

Applications for Diocesan Initiative grants and Health and Nutrition grants will be due by Oct. 1. Applications for funding for Asset-Based Community Development workshops and for summer camp programs will be due by Dec. 30. Application forms for all grant requests can be found online here.

2011 Diocesan Initiatives grants:                                      Due October 01, 2011

As many as 50 $1,000 grants will be awarded to dioceses to support the Jubilee Ministry development plans of the local bishop and the appointed Diocesan Jubilee Officer. Each diocese will be eligible to receive one such grant, provided the bishop and DJO agree on the way it will be used to support Jubilee Ministry within the diocese.

In the past, dioceses have used these grants in a variety of ways, ranging from support for existing Jubilee centers to upgrading technology to covering transportation expenses. Click here to see a list of projects these grants funded last year.

We encourage you to keep your requests simple, as these grants are meant to reinforce previously-established goals. Grants will be awarded to the first 50 dioceses that apply.

2011 Health and Nutrition grants:                                                            Due October 01, 2011

$750 grants are available for Jubilee Ministries that respond to the nutritional needs of people living in “food deserts,” those communities both urban and rural in which residents have no easy access to fresh produce, and must rely on convenience stores or fast-food restaurants to provide their meals. These are expensive and often nutritionally-inadequate options.

Initiatives might include planning and caring for a community garden as a local nutritional and community building resource, or might include partnering with a local farmer or cooperative to provide fruits and vegetables from this year’s harvest. To learn what sorts of projects won Jubilee Ministry Health and Nutrition grants last year, click here.

In the United States, an estimated 23.5 million people – including 6.5 million children – live in food deserts. Globally, the problem is even more acute, with the recent spike in food prices pushing the number of hungry people past 1 billion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a wealth of information about food deserts. Additionally, the federal government has a number of programs that will partner with faith-based organizations to address hunger in the United States. Read more about those programs here.

In addition, President Barack Obama last year announced a new program to end world hunger, primarily by strengthening agriculture in poor countries. Learn more about his food security and hunger initiative, called Feed the Future, by clicking here.

2012 Asset Based Community Organizing Workshops:        Due December 30, 2011

Jubilee Ministry will again help fund up to six two-day Asset-Based Community Development Development Workshops in 2012, featuring ABCD Institute trainer, Mike Green. These grants, worth up to $5,000, will cover travel and workshop fees for Green, copies of his workbook, “When People Care Enough to Help,” and meals and refreshments for workshop participants.

To learn about what went on at one such ABCD workshop in Iowa last year, click here. Dioceses who win these grants will be responsible for consulting by email or phone with Mike Green around goals for the workshop, and for promoting the event, securing site location and covering incidental expenses.

Follow these links to learn more about Mike Green and the ABCD Institute.

2012 Summer Camp grants                                    Due December 30, 2011

 These $1,000 grants will promote summer camp programs that target either youth literacy or the unique needs of children whose parents have are or have been incarcerated. A total of 30 grants will be awarded in March 2012.

To get some ideas about what some dioceses have done in regards to these type of camps, read about the efforts of the Diocese of Lexington to sponsor reading camps, and about Camp Agape, the Diocese of Easton’s ministry to the children of the incarcerated.



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