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Save the date: Jubilee Officers to gather in Georgia for three-day training event, Nov. 14-17

February 23, 2012

Save the Date Diocesan Jubilee Officers.

Our 2012 DJO Training Event will be Nov. 14-17 in Atlanta.

Each time we meet we have an opportunity to expand our own awareness of how the geography and history of our communities shape our ministry. Building on work we have begun in Cedar Rapids, Newark and Lexington, this training event will introduce us to the communities and history of Koinonia Farm and Habitat for Humanity.

Koinonia Farm is a Christian farm community founded in 1942 in Americus, Ga. It is the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, as well as several other ongoing ministries. It is also still a working pecan and peanut farm, it still welcomes visitors, and still strives to be the “demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God.”

Since its beginning, Koinonia Farm has been a witness to prophetic leadership committed to the breaking down of racial boundaries and prejudice. Similarly, Habitat for Humanity provides a concrete model for a ministry of compassion that respects the dignity of every human being. It is not enough to have good intentions when it comes to justice and charity. We must also walk with each other in our distress and our joy. These two models of ministry provide living history and witness that can inform us as we strive for the shalom of God in the name of Jubilee Ministry.

Diocesan Jubilee Officers are strongly encouraged to make participation in this event a priority. To make that possible, a flat $100 registration fee will be charged for participation, and the Office of Domestic Poverty Alleviation will cover ALL the related travel and lodging expenses for those who register by Sept. 1. Travel expenses will NOT be covered for those who register after that date.

The schedule is still being planned, but we will use the time to build on the leadership foundation that is already in place, and to identify sustainable strategies for network development. We will explore how to best support the practical needs of our many ministries around the nine principle functions of  Jubilee Ministry: Consciousness Raising, Designated Jubilee Centers, Training, Human Resources, Research and Evaluation, Publications, Network for Public Policy, Evangelism and Congregational Development, and Jubilee Ministry Grants. Stay tuned for information on registration.

As Diocesan Jubilee Officers, some of you will find your particular gifts for leadership can be contribute directly to one of these areas. Others will recognize key leadership in your diocese who could make those contributions. Some will serve best by working collaboratively with other vital networks within and outside of the Episcopal Church. In the end, we will create a ministry network that responds to the needs, interests and desires of everyone associated with Jubilee who joins Jesus in the claim that the Spirit of the Lord is upon them.  How we come together in the years to come as Diocesan Jubilee Officers and as a vibrant network of Jubilee Ministries begins today.

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