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Jubilate is a quarterly publication of Jubilee Ministry, part of the social and economic justice ministries of The Episcopal Church. Its purpose is to tell the stories of the more than 600 officially recognized Jubilee Ministries around the world, and to provide useful information for those involved in the work of Jubilee.

Jubilee Ministry Mandate
To be a “ministry of joint discipleship in Christ with poor and oppressed people, wherever they are found, to meet basic human needs and to build a just society.” This is at the heart of the mission of the church.

Jubilee Ministry Functions
1. To challenge and confront Episcopalians and others to understand the facts of poverty and injustice, encouraging them to take an active role in meeting the needs of the poor and in the struggles against the causes of such suffering.
2. To locate and affirm as Jubilee Centers those congregations or ecumenical clusters directly engaged in mission and ministry among and with poor people.
3. To train clergy and lay volunteers, including poor and oppressed people, in the work of Jubilee Ministry.
4. To identify persons with gifts and skills helpful in Jubilee Ministry.
5. To select particular Jubilee Ministries as models, and communicate their work and methods to the whole church.
6. To report on issues that affect the poor, and on public policies and church policies related to those issues.
7. To cooperate with other organizations to develop an active network to respond quickly and significantly on public issues of peace and justice.
8. To promote evangelism, especially in the formation of minority-led congregations.
9. To issue grants as a concrete expression of the church’s commitment to this ministry.
Source: General Convention Resolution 1982-A080 (Enabling legislation that created
Jubilee Ministries)

Criteria for Jubilee Ministry Recognition
1. Must be an Episcopal Congregation, Episcopal cluster or an ecumenical cluster with Episcopal presence, and/or an agency with connections to the Episcopal Church.
2. Must be involved in mission and ministry among and with poor and oppressed people wherever they are located.
3. The mission and ministry must be rooted in worship.
4. The mission and ministry must include several programs, including at least one human rights advocacy program and one human services program.

Once designated a Jubilee Center, the ministry must be willing to:
a) Demonstrate the operation of its programs to others as models
b) Maintain “how to” files
c) Act as a resource center and funnel for information
d) Be subject to annual review.

Source: Executive Council Resolution EXC021983.29 (Criteria for the Designation of
Jubilee Center)

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